3 Truths About Lawyers You Likely Did Not Realize

Lawyers get a bad rap but they are important to a civil society.  Still, many people seem to have a bit of a misunderstanding as to the truth about the benefits MonAvocat actually provide.

TRUTH #1:  Lawyers are actually not that Expensive

This is the probably the hardest truth you will have to realize but lawyers are not that expensive.  Yes, they do charge quite a bit of money for the service they provide but you have to remember that you are not only paying for their counsel but also their education.  The amount of study—and verification and regulation—involved with being a lawyer takes lots of time and lots of money.  

If you only look at what a lawyer charges then you are missing the whole picture.  The cost of not having a lawyer can be far more expensive.  Many lawyers offer a free consultation and it is during this consultation that you can learn what types of penalties, fees, and other costs you could accrue if you do not have a lawyer. Yes, they will use this information as leverage to get you to hire them, but if you take the risk of not hiring one and then lose your case, it could be far more costly to you in the long run.Image result for 3 Truths About Lawyers You Likely Did Not Realize

Why? Because…

TRUTH #2:  Lawyers Actually Prevent Problems

Even though you might not seek the aid of a lawyer until you are faced with legal action, the real job of a lawyer is to prevent potential problems in the first place. Much of their job is preparatory—reading documents, perusing contracts, drafting contracts and agreements, filing paperwork—and intended to attempt at addressing potential issues before they might arise.  

Hiring a lawyer—even after you are in the middle of legal action—helps to ensure that you do not face additional problems in the future. Part of their job, yes, is to get you through the present situation, but another part of their job is to anticipate what your opponent/competitor might do in the future.

Which brings us to….

TRUTH #3:  Your Partner/Opponent/Competitor/Accuser Probably Has One

By the time you need a lawyer there is a good chance that whoever is on the other side of the table already has a lawyer of their own.  Hiring a lawyer, then, simply evens the playing field so that both sides are speaking the same language and can make the same moves.