A Guideline to Finding a Reliable Drug Lawyer

If you find yourself arrested on suspicion of selling or possessing narcotics, it can be a stressful moment with many emotions involved. To help give yourself the best opportunity possible at a fair trial, you need a reliable drug lawyer on your side from the start of the proceedings. Few people charged with their first drug crimes have hired a lawyer in the past and doing so in wake of all this can be intimidating unless you know where to start.

Law firms are happy to mail you letters about how their services are guaranteed to help you get a dismissal or reduction of the penalties but you must look thoroughly into the success rates and more of the firm. When you arrive at your arraignment, the judge will ask if you are legally represented by a lawyer and the judge will want to know if it is a matter of cost if you are not. If you are lacking in funds, you have the possibility of having a public defender help you, but these professionals are often dealing with hundreds of cases at once and may not pay you the proper attention.

Finding a Professional

Only a highly-skilled drug charge lawyer in Perth can ensure that you get the best legal representation during your criminal case, especially if the jury is already turned against you. You have several options in regard to finding a criminal defence lawyer and those options are asking a friend, calling firms directly, or going online to search for a professional. Although going online can help you see some of the things that past clients are saying about the service, the most reliable information to look for is their success rate for prior cases similar to your own.

If you would rather not discuss your criminal charges with the people you know, you can choose to call firms directly to speak with a representative about the services offered and their prices. These professionals are happy to discuss their prior success rates and what type of experience they have with criminal law, which can give you a better feel about their service as a whole. A firm with very little experience, such as one freshly started by a new law school graduate, is a huge risk as you never know what you might expect to see in the courtroom.

Preparing for Consultation

Before you first meet up with your drug charge lawyer, be sure to ask yourself what qualities you most want from your defender, such as experience in your particular type of charge. You want someone with the experience required to create a working strategy for handling your case that is flexible enough to change with new developments. In addition, you should ask about the fee for the service as many factors go into the sum, meaning that the fee can change from one lawyer to the next.

To simplify the meeting, take along any paperwork you might deem relevant to the consultation, such as paperwork from the court detailing your charges and your next scheduled appearance. If you posted bail after arrest, be sure to bring those papers as well, and the police report is always a useful document. Although your defender can find this information on his or her own, having it with you from the start will simply make the first consultation easier on the both of you and help you get right into finding a solution.