A Lawyer Can Get You More Money for Your Winter Car Accident Claim!

In research conducted by the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), car accidents cause over 2.35 million injuries or disabilities annually to individuals. This number includes over 37,000 deaths. In addition to the physical pain and suffering that these accidents cause, people also face the financial fallout of their accidents. The many financial consequences of automobile accidents are why individuals who’ve experienced injuries should contact a personal injury attorney to assist them with their claim.

How Lawyers Provide Personal Injury Protection

If you or your loved one was involved in an auto accident in Toronto Ontario, it is important to seek out personal injury protection from a qualified attorney that specializes in car accidents, like the Goodman Law Group in Toronto. These lawyers have in depth knowledge of Canadian car accident claims practices and will know the best way for you to win your case. They will fight to ensure that the Insurance companies settle fairly with you, and don’t just pay you the minimum amount they are allowed. Insurance companies do not workwith your best interest at heart;instead, they try to minimize their liability at every step whereas your personal injury legal representative works for you, and you alone. will utilize their legal knowledge and mental acumen to win you the highest payout possible – guaranteed.

There Is No Personal Injury Calculator

Often after an accident, an injured person may assume that there is some easy insurance calculator that tells the company exactly how much money your injury is worth. While insurance companies might work on some schedule of payout that is in their best interest, your injury may be multifaceted and require a more elaborate payment. For example, they may give you a certain amount for a broken wrist, a relatively minor injury on a young individual; however, on a person who is approaching middle age, this injury may be difficult to heal and may require extensive physiotherapy, time off from work, or other costs – costs that absolutely will not be covered by your insurance claim unless you fight for them.

When you are injured, there are often Statutory Accident Benefits compensation payments that provide payments regardless of fault.These Statutory Accident Benefit payments include things like income replacement and medical expenses. However, for caregivers and non-earner members of the home like stay-at-home parents, the compensation isn’t a strict and easy to determine amount. Just what is the acceptable payment to replace the care that you provide to your family? And what about all the other expenses that you’ve incurred like your family visiting you to help you recover? Or housekeeping? Or even travel costs related to your doctor visits?

Don’t Let Your Car Accident Ruin Your Life

Remember, a car accident can have far reaching consequences to your financial stability. Think about how detrimental lost wages can be to your goals, financial and otherwise. A car accident can drastically destroy your financial well being because lost wages may result in missed payments and ruin your credit. Don’t let an accident ruin your life, contact a knowledgeable attorney in Toronto Ontario to guarantee that you get more money for your winter car accident claim and preserve your dreams.