Five Ways A Legal Recruiter Can Improve Your Firm For The Better

Enticing top talent to join your practice can be a challenge no matter how large your firm is, how prestigious, what it specializes in, or whom you represent. In fact, the more specialized or prestigious your firm is, the more difficult it may be to find just the right candidate to join your ranks. There are thousands of lawyers in Canada; however, they are not all exceptional or well suited for your practice. When you factor in how many are happily engaged in other professional positions, unqualified, or under-qualified, you may find that the number of acceptable applicants for your vacancy diminishes significantly. For this reason, a recruiting agency that specializes in placing legal professionals could be the best money you’ll ever spend. They have the industry knowledge and resources to seek out exceptional individuals who can excel at your firm. Additionally, they can:

Find Young Lawyers

When a young lady graduates from law school, she will begin surveying her options, asking who will hire her. Aside from the degree, it may be that she has a blank resume and the major firms will want somebody with more experience, as it is difficult to assess if she is talented without a history to examine. A legal recruiting team in Toronto Ontario like the Heller Group will take the time to do a thorough background and reference check to ensure she is the right person for any job they recommend her for.


Finding a talented individual whom you trust can be difficult, especially if they are young and do not have much of a reputation. You do not know if they have bad habits, poor ethical standards, or if they would be a valuable addition to your team. However, a well-established headhunting business with numerous positive reviews that is registered with the BBB can be much easier to get behind. Find a good group of Toronto legal recruitment experts that have made a name for themselves by placing exceptional individuals at law firms.

Find Lawyers Unhappy In Their Circumstances

Many people feel as though they could do something better. They could be making an impact on the world or working with an organization that better represents their values. As a law firm, you may not have the time or resources to reach out to a young lawyer and assess whether they are happy with their career. A legal recruiter will seek out legal professionals who may only be passively searching for new work.

Save Time

Scientists sometimes get frustrated by all of the bureaucracy and politics that stand in the way of their lab. They just want to roll up their sleeves and get to work – everything else is a distraction. Similarly, time spent finding young talent is time that could be spent doing research and legal work. That time can easily be outsourced to a team of legal recruiters so that you can focus on your own career.

Lawyers Who Recently Quit

You recently discovered that one of the most talented lawyers in the region left their firm; however, you only found out from another practice that already hired them! Due to a lack of time or resources, you were not made aware of their leaving and therefore couldn’t act. A legal recruitment team could have helped you to reach out to that individual right away.