Is Law Really the Right Career Path for You?

If you’re reading this article, it’s highly probable that you’re considering a career in the legal sphere. Maybe you’ve been drawn here by one of the many television shows depicting the glamourous life of a lawyer, or else by the tales of untold riches for all who complete such a hallowed degree.

If so, you might be in for a bit of a shock. Fast-paced, exciting, and mentally thrilling it may be, but qualifying and working as a legal professional also entails an awful lot of hard graft and relentless ambition to get you where you want to be going.

If you’re considering whether law might offer the perfect career path for you, here’s the reality…  

The Challenges of Pursuing a Legal Career

There’s one proviso that we really have to start with: earning a law degree is hard. No matter what country you’re in, it’s a mentally challenging profession, and you’ll be expected to obtain the highest grades throughout high school and further education. If you’re not academically inclined, it’s not for you.

Your bachelor’s degree will not be any easier. Aside from the courses being fiercely competitive, they also require you to have real brains if you stand any chance of doing well during your undergraduate.

It’s not enough to be academically gifted alone. You’ll need to be able to relate to and empathise with a wide variety of people from all backgrounds, and be confident enough to say your piece in a courtroom that’s full to capacity, whilst facing fierce opposition from the opposing legal professional – if you can’t stand pressure, a courtroom isn’t the place for you.

Last but not least, you’ll need to commit to working incredibly long hours. We meant it when we said that a lot of hard work was involved, and 12-hour days are not uncommon, especially for those fresh out of university.   

The Benefits

If we’ve scared you, don’t count yourself out just yet. We made sure to share the hard parts first, because if you’re still here and reading, you might one day be cut out for a career with a company like Withers Worldwide.

In truth, you’ll find that there is plenty to compensate your commitment. Not only will you get to be involved in some truly fascinating cases, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that no two days at the office will ever be the same.  

You’ll have the added boon of seeing that what you do at work really does matter too. Like doctors and police officers, you can do a lot of good, and you’ll have the chance to experience the results of your work up close and in a tangible form.  

And although you may have to sacrifice your work-life balance to an extent, legal offices are rarely all work and no play. You’ll collaborate incredibly closely with your colleagues, and will find that not only are they an invaluable source of support and advice, but could potentially become some of your closest friends in the years ahead.  

Of course, the financial rewards are also well documented. Solicitors and barristers earn alluringly competitive wages, with salaries that would turn most individuals green with envy.

Although working as a lawyer is not for everyone, for the people it suits, it can be the perfect vocation. Offering mental stimulation and financial compensation in equal measure, it could be a fantastic future career choice for you.