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Protect your higher education prospects with an underage DUI lawyer in Virginia

Teenage is typically a time when most kids make some mistake or other. They are often subject to peer pressure or simply make immature and foolish decisions. These seemingly small misdemeanors can have a lasting impact on your future. Your federal loan towards a college education may be refused or revoked, your admissions may be impacted and a host of other issues may crop up. If you do unfortunately fall prey to a conviction to underage DUI, do not hesitate in contacting a competent underage DUI lawyer in Virginia immediately.

 What are the issues that may impact your future prospects?

Major implications in the underage DUI are fines and Jail terms or community service. But there are many far reaching implications that may impact the offender’s prospects in education and career prospects. Loans refused may nip your higher education dreams in the bud. Misdemeanor citations on your record can make your chances unviable in some career prospects and limit your choices.

In the shorter term you might be required to buy an ignition interlock device that can cost hundreds of dollars. There is a huge amount to be paid in court fees and participation in alcohol safety programmes take up a lot of time. This time and money expenditure can be taken care of if you have a competent lawyer who can fight to dismiss your case. You might be confused about how to choose the best person to represent you.

Choosing the best lawyer to represent you

The Martindale-Hubbell directory is a database that lists lawyers from across the world. The areas of their practice and expertise are also published along with their contact details. The beauty of the database is that they have a peer rating system that is designed to make available the capabilities and review of the attorney’s work pattern. Moving away from skewed lists that are often biased or even paid advertisements, Martindale-Hubbell uses standardized and anonymous peer rating formats that answer pertinent questions about the attorney’s core competencies in specific legal specialities. The abilities that are judged are versatile.

  • The “general ethical standards” is judged on a scale of 1-5 based on criteria that ascertains conduct, ethics, diligence and reliability.
  • The legal ability is ascertained in the fields of legal experience, legal knowledge, communication ability, analytical capabilities, and judgmental abilities by aggregating the score.

 This is the peer rating that qualifies the designation of the lawyer. This rating is used to distinguish the attorneys as AV Premiere (4.5-5), BV distinguished (3.4-4), or Rated (2.9 and below). This makes it easy for the client to choose the skill and budget required by the client.

Even if you believe that the police have a clear case, an underage DUI lawyer in Virginia can fight to get the case dismissed, lighten your sentence, and reduce the consequences of conviction.