Who should be a fire marshal?

The answer to this question is everyone!  There is no reason why any member of staff should not undergo the training to be a fire marshal as the knowledge that it provides could be invaluable in the event of an emergency.  However, it is not always practical to train every member of staff, so you need to choose the right people to step up in an emergency.

Who is on-site all the time?

You should have two or three fire marshals at least and it makes sense to choose members of staff who are permanently based in that building.  Fire marshal training will be useful for everyone but it will not be sensible to choose those who may regularly visit other sites or clients.  You should also make sure that staff leave does not mean that you are left with no fire marshal on-site.

Who keeps a calm head?

Do you have any members of staff who have already proved that they can be relied upon in an emergency? They would be an obvious choice for fire marshal training. In other words, it is a good time to get advice from health and safety consultants. They can make sure that the building is evacuated in a timely fashion and make sure that the proper procedures are followed.  They will also not panic at the sight of a real fire and will make sure that the fire department is called as soon as possible.

Good organisational skills

The right type of person for fire marshal is someone who can stay organised.  Items such as visitor books and sign-in sheets for staff all need to be collected when the alarm goes off because they are needed to ensure that everyone in the building makes it outside. The register should be checked off as soon as possible when the building is evacuated. The fire marshal can also be responsible for ensuring that the fire extinguishers and other equipment are well-maintained and checked on a regular basis.  This is part of basic health and safety and most companies will be expected to provide evidence of this on health and safety audits.

Who has the respect of other members of staff?

A good choice for fire marshal is someone who has the respect of other members of staff.  There are people who believe that fire drills do not have to be taken seriously and a good fire marshal will be able to make them comply with the drills and other regulations.  Being able to impress on others the importance of following fire safety procedures is very important.

A dedicated member of staff

It is very rare that a member of staff who is appointed and trained as a fire marshal will earn any additional money for this role and there are many people who would not consider the training for this reason. A good fire marshal will want to do the training despite this because they understand just how important it is that fire regulations are adhered to.

Fire marshal training is something that every member of staff should be considered for, but choose wisely!