Why Teenagers are More Apt to Get Into Car Accidents

Unfortunately, driving a car is one of the biggest dangers teenagers face. They have the highest accident rate of any age group, which is the reason why teenagers have such high car insurance premiums. A teenager has a greater chance of being involved in a car accident and suffering a personal injury than more experienced drivers. When you’re the parent of a teen driver, those are certainly some very scary statistics. We’d like to take a look at why that is the case in order to help you help your teenager.

Risk Takers 

A teenager is impulsive and has no concerns or fear when it comes to taking risks. This is because their brains are not fully developed. The human brain has two parts that influence the decisions we make. One part of the brain wants you to take the risk, while the other part makes you think about it before a decision is made. Unfortunately, the part of the brain that says “proceed with caution” is not fully developed until your mid-twenties. 

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So, when an inexperienced teen is driving, it does not take much to persuade him to go ahead and race the car next to him or take that chance to blow through the yellow light. It’s those risks that not only gets teenagers involved in serious car accidents but also can injure innocent passerbys.


Master driving takes more than a drivers ed class or driving lessons. You must put in thousands of hours before you have experience driving behind the wheel, and this includes driving on busy roadways and in inclement weather. Good reflexes, instincts and the ability to navigate through dangerous situations only come from experience.

Have you ever wondered why your car insurance premiums go down as you get older (provided that you are not involved in many car accidents, of course). This is because the more you drive, the more experience you have. So when your teenager starts to complain about how much money he has to shell out every month in car insurance premiums, remind him that with experience (and a good driving record) comes the ability to pay less on his car insurance premiums.


We all know that today brings many distractions to the driver’s seat, including cell phone usage. But, teenagers also have a tendency to pack cars full of their friends, which is extremely dangers. Extra passengers could also cause the driver to be more aggressive or to take risks he wouldn’t take if driving alone. So remind your teenager of this on a daily basis if you must, because it could just save his life.

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